What School Is All About Creativity?

What School Is All About Creativity?

You might also be thinking, What Wizard101 school is all about creativity?

Ravenwood Bulletin What is the name of the school that focuses on creativity? 04.08.2015

But then this question also arises, Which is the only school left standing in Dragonspyre?

Sir Malory is a character in the novel Sir Malory

How many pips does it cost to cast Stormzilla?

What is the cost of casting Stormzilla in pips? Correct answer: 5! 3.

What is Diego’s full name w101?

The Third Diego Santiago Quariquez Ramirez

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Who is the missing prince w101?

Valencia’s halls, to be precise. Correct! 4. Where is the prince who has gone missing? Tiziri Silvertusk is the answer. Correct!

Who is the Princess of the Seraphs wizard101?

What is the name of the Seraph Princess? Lady Oriel’s answer is correct! 04.06.2014

What is Sgt Major Talbot’s full name?

What is the full name of Sgt. Major Talbot? Sylvester Quimby Talbot III is the correct answer!

Who is the Fire School professor wizard101?

Professor of Fire Magic, Dalia Falmea.

Where has Pharenor been imprisoned?

Shrubberies is the correct answer! 11. What is the location of Pharenor’s imprisonment? Skythorn Tower is the correct answer! 08.08.2014

Who is Bill Tanner’s sister?

Sarah Tanner is the correct answer. To wear Dragonspyre created gear, what level must you be? 04.07.2015

Who teaches balance Magic?

The Balance School, like the School of Death, does not have a direct instructor in Ravenwood, but instead has someone who understands enough about the craft to teach what he can. Arthur Wethersfield is the teacher. He’s well-traveled and hails from Marleybone, a planet that doesn’t believe in magic.

What can mortis teach you wizard101?


What does the Frogfather ask you to steal from the Presidio?

One-Eyed Jack is the answer. What is it that the Frogfather wants you to take from The Presidio? 04.03.2017

Who would most likely carry a spirit flute?

Big Sky is the answer. Who do you think would be the most likely to carry a spirit flute? 04.07.2017

What is the name of the grandfather tree w101?


Who is not one of the zebu Kings?

8. Name one of the Zebu Kings who isn’t one of them: Correct answer: Zaffe Zoffer! 9.

What transports you from place to place in Marylebone?

Hot Air Balloons are the answer. What time does the clock in Marleybone always read? 04.05.2015

What was the name of KingsIsle’s first mobile game?

What was the first game that KingsIsle released? Wizard101 is the correct answer! 08.09.2014

What are the school colors of balance Wizard101?

Citrine is the school’s gemstone, while tan and maroon are the school colors.

Which trainer is more apt to teach you about a peacemaker?

Mister Trelawney is the answer. What is the name of the Skull Island Tavern? 04.04.2015

What is the apostrophe’s main function Wizard101?

What is the primary purpose of the apostrophe? Correct! Show ownership or possession! 06.07.2014

What school is the Gurtok demon focused on?

The Krokonomicon is the answer. What is the Gurtok Demon’s favorite school? 04.03.2016


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