Which Parenting Practice Is Best Associated With the Development of Creativity?

Similarly, What best describes the Flynn effect?

The correct answer is d) The finding that the average standardized IQ score has increased since 1932. According to the Flynn Effect, the average of. See the whole response below.

Also, it is asked, How did Sternberg include the notion that?

What was Sternberg’s method for incorporating the concept of confluence into his theory? He felt that intellect was the result of a combination of elements. confluence. Highly creative people seldom have IQs that are below average.

Secondly, What is an element of fluid intelligence quizlet?

-Independent of prior information, fluid intelligence is the ability to think rationally and solve issues in fresh settings. The capacity to recognize patterns and correlations that underlay unexpected situations and generalize these results using reasoning is referred to as fluid intelligence.

Also, What is the best description of divergent thinking quizlet?

Divergent Thinking is a thinking process or approach for coming up with unique ideas by looking at a variety of options. Many thoughts are created in an emergent cognitive pattern, and it usually happens in a spontaneous, free-flowing, “non-linear” manner.

People also ask, What is Flynn effect quizlet?

The Flynn Effect is a phenomena in which average IQ test scores rise dramatically over time.

Related Questions and Answers

Why is the Flynn effect important?

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the Flynn effect is that intelligence, as assessed by conventional tests, varies over time—that IQ scores do not remain constant over time, either within an individual or across groups.

What is Sternberg’s practical intelligence?

Street smarts,” as advocated by Sternberg, is often used to describe practical intelligence. Being practical involves utilizing information based on your experiences to discover solutions that work in your daily life.

What is Sternberg’s successful intelligence theory?

According to Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of (Successful) Intelligence, intelligent conduct is the result of a balance of analytical, creative, and practical talents that work together to enable people to succeed in certain sociocultural circumstances (Sternberg, 1988, 1997,

What is Componential intelligence focused on?

Most IQ tests evaluate consequential intelligence, which is the most well-known kind of intelligence. Logic, abstract thinking, linguistic abilities, and mathematical skills are all part of it.

What is meant by fluid intelligence?

Gf is described as the capacity to reason as well as the ability to produce, transform, and manipulate many sorts of unique knowledge in real time.

Which of these is an example of fluid intelligence?

Solving puzzles and devising problem-solving solutions are two examples of how fluid intelligence may be used. This component of intelligence is concerned with the capacity to solve problems and reason about things without relying on prior information.

What does fluid intelligence measure?

Fluid intelligence refers to the ability to think quickly and reason flexibly in order to tackle new issues without depending on prior information or experience.

What is divergent thinking?

Divergent thinking refers to the several unique solutions to an issue that you could come up with. By employing brainstorming as the cognitive tool, this sort of thinking gives you greater flexibility and lets you produce more than one answer.

What is the Flynn effect and what is its cause?

According to the Flynn effect idea, improvements in education and nutrition may account for some of the rise in IQ scores. Individuals are also reading more, and new technology, such as computers and the Internet, compels people to think in more abstract ways. All of this contributes to an improvement in IQ.

What is the Flynn effect the observation that each generation?

What is the Flynn effect, and how does it work? The finding that each generation has a considerably lower IQ than the one before it.

What is the Flynn effect Chapter 7?

What is the Flynn effect, and how does it work? It has been observed that each generation has a much higher IQ than the one before it.

What is the Flynn effect Psychology example?

The Flynn effect, for example, raises the average IQ score by 0.3 points every year. Over the course of 20 years, this equates to around 6 IQ points. Correcting for 20-year inflation would lower a person’s IQ score by 6 points if they took an IQ test that was 20 years old.

What is the Flynn effect What are the implications of the Flynn effect What are some possible causes of the Flynn effect?

What are some of the factors that might generate the Flynn effect? -Discovering that average IQ scores have been growing at a three-point-per-decade pace. It’s possible that our IQ is 10 to 15 points higher than our grandparents’. -More sophisticated tests, better nutrition, improvements at home and school, and so forth.

What was the purpose of Alfred Binet early intelligence test?

While Binet’s initial intention was to utilize the test to identify children who required more academic help, it quickly became a tool for the eugenics movement to identify people considered “feeble-minded.”

What is an example of creative intelligence?

The capacity to cope effectively with new and unique circumstances by drawing on existing knowledge and abilities is referred to as creative intelligence. Using your imagination to compose a short tale, paint artwork, or construct an advertising, for example, requires creative intelligence.

What is an example of triarchic theory of intelligence?

For example, you could build a tree with triarchic intelligence and the trunk as its definition. Then, for each sort of intelligence, create three branches (analytical, creative, and practical)

What is triarchic theory in psychology?

an intelligence paradigm in which three fundamental abilities—analytical, creative, and practical—are considered as substantially (but not fully) separate.

What is the successful intelligence theory?

Sternberg’s idea of successful intelligences tries to account for success in all aspects of a person’s life [5, 10, 11], rather than just school grades. Successful intelligence is best predicted along three dimensions, according to the theory: analytical, creative, and practical.

What is Spearman’s two factor theory?

According to Spearman’s two-factor theory, intelligence is divided into two parts: general intelligence (“g”) and particular ability (“a”) (“s”). Spearman postulated that the “s” component was particular to a certain feature of intelligence to explain the disparities in performance on various tasks.

Why is Sternberg’s triarchic theory important?

His triarchic theory, which explains the link between the individual’s internal world, exterior environment, and role of experience, aids adult educators in comprehending the dynamic and interconnected features of human intelligence, as well as its potential bearing in daily life.

What are the two types of intelligence?

The capacity to solve new issues, apply reasoning in new settings, and recognize patterns is referred to as fluid intelligence. Crystallized intelligence, on the other hand, is described as the capacity to apply accumulated information and experience.

Is memory an intelligence?

As a result, intelligence is strongly linked to short-term memory, working memory, and mental speed.

What IQ is considered genius?

Which is the best example of fluid intelligence quizlet?

The capacity to swiftly identify logical linkages between words is the finest illustration of fluid intelligence.


Research on intelligence and creativity has shown that the best parenting practice is to let children be creative.

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The “The intelligence concept of g” was based on the observation that” is a parenting practice that is associated with the development of creativity. Reference: the intelligence concept of g” was based on the observation that.

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